How To Book Your Shipment

First Steps

1. First, send us the Econoship Application Form . If you are doing your own packing, please send the application at least a week before your desired pickup date. If you will need a packing service, please send the application at least two weeks before your pickup date. Please give all of the requested information. You may fill out the Econoship Application Form online and send it as an attachment, or fax a copy to 0980-845-053.
2. Upon receiving your application, we will send you a Pickup Checklist and the additional forms you will need. Please read the Pickup Checklist and other documents very carefully as they explain the process to follow and also provide information on other documents you will have to provide. If you should have any questions, please send them in an email or give us a call.

How To Prepare A Packing List

3. As you are packing, prepare a packing list in English. We will send you two templates you can use. Please make sure to print in large, neat, legible letters, or type in the information directly on the Excel or Word form we will send you. On the packing list, please include a value for each box. Declarations of "zero" or "no value" are not acceptable. However, values as low as 100 yen are valid.

What Happens After The Pickup

4. Mail, fax or e-mail all of the required documents back to econoship soon after your goods have been picked up. (We suggest that these documents be sent after the pick up because last minute changes are a common occurrence.) Also be very careful when counting the number of your boxes, and make sure your total and the packing list are identical.
5. We will send your invoice within three to five business days after the pickup date.
6. The Bill of Lading (your claim document) will be sent by email and also mailed to the overseas address or the Japanese address you list on your application after we receive payment in full.
7. An arrival notice will be sent to you by a local shipping agent at or near your destination.
8. You will then need to pay the local handling charges and clear customs.
9. Report any damaged or missing items within three business days to the insurance company if you have purchased insurance.


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