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Econoship Services



  • 300以上の国と地域へご希望によりお住まいの都市の倉庫まで、またはご自宅までお届けします。
  • 全国どこからでも集荷は無料(沖縄を除く)
  • 梱包サービス(適用外の地域あり。お問い合わせ下さい。)
  • 保管が必要な方にはリーズナブルなお値段にて保管
  • 梱包済みお品物集荷時間: 月曜-土曜 午後2-5時
  • 梱包サービス集荷時間: 月曜-土曜 午前10時頃

Need for Palletization

Items that are heavier than 40 kilos will require palletization, which will increase the volume of the shipment, and therefore the cost, as well.

We would highly recommend that our customers make sure that all of their items are well under the weight of 40 kilos. In fact, it is best if all items are light enough for one person to carry, approximately 30 kilos or less.

 Freedial: 0120-222-111 · Tel:  0980-892-111 · Fax:  0980-845-053 · Email:  info@econoship.net